**These are cut to order, please allow 4-5 weeks for production of this item.  Our wooden monograms are cut from 1/2 " birch wood. These monograms look absolutely beautiful hanging by your front door, over your fireplace, or over a headboard in the bedroom! The monograms can be used alone or hung with a ribbon. The smaller monograms are great for hanging on an interior door, or for placing inside of a wreath. For 12-16" monograms, the border is approximately 1 inch all the way around.  For 18-36" monograms, the border is approximately 2" all the way around.  The height that you order is including the border.  

Your monogram is cut to order & is shipped with the wood UNFINISHED. They are ready for paint, glitter, fabric decoupage, or whatever your project might entail. I spray painted the monogram that hangs on my front porch with a few coats of white spray paint. Then I hung it with a beautiful damask ribbon!

Made in the USA!  Unfortunately, our wooden monograms can not be shipped outside of the US & Canada. 

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