**These are cut to order, please allow 4-5 weeks for production of this item.  Our wooden monograms are cut from 1/4" or 1/2 " birch wood depending on the monogram size that you choose. These monograms look absolutely beautiful hanging by your front door, over your fireplace, or over a headboard in the bedroom! The monograms can be used alone or hung with a ribbon. The smaller monograms are great for hanging on an interior door, or for placing inside of a wreath.  

Your monogram is cut to order & is shipped with the wood UNFINISHED. They are ready for paint, glitter, fabric decoupage, or whatever your project might entail. I spray painted the monogram that hangs on my front porch with a few coats of white spray paint. Then I hung it with a beautiful damask ribbon!

8"- 10" monograms are 1/4" wood, and the 12" - 36"are 1/2" wood    If you choose the Borders, your letters will still be the size that you choose & then the borders add apprximately 2 inches all the way around!  

FONTS:   The 3 iniitals in Reverse Circle Monogram and the Interlocking Script Monogram are all connected & come as one piece.  Circle Block Monograms come with 3 individual letters that are separate. So if you are hanging them on the wall, you will be installing them one at the time! 

Made in the USA!  Unfortunately, our wooden monograms can not be shipped outside of the US & Canada. 

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Wooden Monogram Wall Hanging.

Jenn on 20th Aug 2013

I ordered the 18" Monogram was hanging to go over my fireplace. It is the perfect size for that. My only complaint is that while is says unfinished very clearly it is very unfinished. Meaning it is not ever sanded down so edges are totally raw. I just didn't expect to have to sand it down even though I understood it was unfinished. I did do that and spray paint with a high end spray paint and it looks fantastic. I also hung with a ribbon.

Love our monogram!

Mimi on 8th May 2013

I needed a piece of art for my front entry stairway wall, my daughter suggested a monogram and it is perfect! Considered a decal at first, but the wood monogram is much classier! I also added a crystal chandelier! I painted it black and added some minor distress strokes with the sandpaper and I love it!

Beautiful Monogram!!

25th Jan 2013

I just received the wooden monogram yesterday and cannot wait to paint it to hang it in the baby's room! The quality of the work is outstanding- I am so glad I stumbled on Tiny Tulip when using Google to find a piece like this. Thank you!

Great craftsmanshlp!

20th Nov 2012

Have purchased these for gifts from other sites. This one is the best. Very nice and priced reasonably.